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    best time to visit kashmir

    Best Time To Visit Jammu And Kashmir

    Jammu and Kashmir is also yearly  round travel destination, but if you want to know best time to visit jammu and kashmir, then you can choose best months of april till November are considered as best time to visit kashmir. the month of april and november in   this period the kashmir weather conditions in jammu Kashmir are just be perfect. green gardens, chirping birds, alpine mountains and meadows and most refreshing air 

    Visit Kashmir

    best time to visit kashmir

    a view of summer in kashmir

    In April 

    This whole months you can   covers three top seasons in jammu and Kashmir like  spring (March-april-may), summers (early May-june -till August) and best autumn (September to November). gulmarg Pahalgam and sonamarg  is popularplaces from April to till November for top activities like gondala riding  rafting and horse riding. and If Golf is your favorite sport, then m arch to November are the major best time  to visit jammu and kashmir for you. 

    Best Time To Visit In Kashmir Winter

    From starting December to first weeks of  March is the snow winter season for jammu Kashmir, when the whole valley with out jammu is covered with snow. Breeze is chilling and sunshine tender. maybe  if you are a winter lover, the you should travel to  sonamarg and Gulmarg in these winter months for some of the best  adventure activities like  skiing and snowboarding. 

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