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Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Guide for 2109, We will guide you best in 2019 for Kashmir tour and tell you the which places are best in Jammu and Kashmir, also guide your best time to visit in Valley, and talk about travel places Such as Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Patnitop, Jammu, Srinagar, Sonmarg also Ladakh Region. Kashmir is best for tourism because of Jammu Kashmir has different cultures, you will realize when you will visit Jammu, Kashmir, and Ladakh. you can see different cultures in three different regions. also, different religions places, in Jammu there is a lot of Hindu Temples that’s why this city is called the City of temples. In Kashmir, you can see all religion places such as Amarnath, Hazrat Bal, and Pathar Sahib, and in Ladakh is famous for Monasteries.


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..involve both metal relic detection and speleology.
The shorter outing is an hour to a snow covered
meadow between 2 sub-alpine mountains. Parking
is atop a slippery sheet of ice.

There’s pioneer era
junk up a roaring creek amid temperate mossy
rain forest. Past that is a trail I cut uphill toward a
ridge summit. The work stalled amid a rocky area.
I expect to do grade-4 cartography charting previous
work next summer and find a safe route through a
rocky cliff area. It’s worse when iced.

Kashmir Travel Agent List

I’m doing an
hour drive this weekend to check water flow that is
thought to issue from an underground waterway.
I also need to find a saw under hillside debris by
using my metal detection gear. My longer outing
will occur in the last weeks of April.

Relics exist
from Canadian Air Force, Army, & Navy training.
The location taught the uses of high explosives,
the uses of caves in warfare, mountaineering skills,
and fast water skills.

Travel is about 90 minutes
not counting the time delayed at custom stations.
I’ll be showing a Surrey, British Columbia, resident
how to excavate likely cave entry safely using fall-
arrest gear and expertise (i.e, how prusik knots
are worked allow an ascent of fixed rope and we’ll
use a standard “8” to discuss rappelling down ropes).
Finding an unexplored abyss

next April is entirely
possible so some escape instruction is needed.
I’m a senior citizen and my day companion is akashmir travel
college student about a year distant from graduation.
People are told global satellites have eliminated all
exploration. That is not  be entirely accurate. in kashmir

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