Location: Srinagar city, Jammu KashmirThe dkl Lake is that the main sympathy of Srinagar
Attractions: Islands, Houseboats & Floating Gardens
Best Time To Visit: Gregorian calendar month To August

Dal – A Lake made from Lakes

Dal Lake is, initially, one amongst the foremost unsure elements of Srinagar for it isn’t indeed one lake in the least, but three. any additional abundant of it’s hardly what one would expect a lake to be following – it is a maze of involved waterways and channels, drifting islands of vegetation, houseboats that see so firmly moored they might in description to be islands and hotels around islands that see considering they might handily float away.

The largest charity of houseboats lies on the western fringe of the lake close to the shore avenue, towards dkl entry. they’re lined in iteration rows and concerning tiny islands. many hotels will beside be found upon flat islands within the lake. on the far side the houseboats to the northwest area unit the at a loose withdraw gardens.

Attractions Around dkl Lake
There area unit 3 islands within the lake; 3 real islands anyway, there area unit toting up styles of islands joined by causeways. round the lake area unit several of Srinagar’s most fascinating sights, particularly the glowing Mughal gardens. It’s also as flanked by hills, significantly on its east bank. The Shankaracharya hill provides a tremendously allowable read on summit of the lake.

Have A Swim in Dal Lake!

The waters of dkl Lake area unit surprisingly firm. yet one is suggested to not go swimming within the lake though the swimming houseboats, equipped gone diving boards and chutes, area unit moored during a deeper portion of the lake, ‘upstream’ from the merger of houseboats. Swimming here are often quite refreshing, particularly upon a hot afternoon. One can beyond any doubt be connected by the variety of Indians, as well as Hindu ladies World Health Organization swim in their saris.
The lake is maybe at its most stunning beyond the lotus flowers bloom in Gregorian calendar month and August. The lost gardens, called “Rad” in Kashmiri, area unit one amongst the trespasser aspects of dkl Lake.

They’approaching speaking composed of matted vegetation and earth, that area unit scrapes faraway from the lake bed and towed to a convenient location wherever they’re moored. Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Melons all collected surprisingly aptly in these gardens if one sees beneath one will expose that they purchase virtually float upon the lake. One will add to relationships the floating gardens by road; the avenue runs on the jap fringe of the lake, providing pleasant views every and each one the habit.