Jammu is a region of Jammu & Kashmir union territory of India, its also winter capital and Kashmir is summer capital, in the Jammu, there is the majority of Hindu peoples almost 65% Hindus live in this region, there are some best districts such as Katra 90 km from the city, Samba Udaipur, & Rajouri. Jammu is also known as the City of temples there are best temples where you can go such as Khmer Bawani temple and Mata Vaishno Devi. every year 1000 of Hindi tourists visit Mata Vaishno Devi for Darshan. it’s also a trade city for Kashmir and Ladakh trade dealers. but it’s not so famous for tourism but if anyone wants to visit Karta or want to explore Kashmir tour by road so that you can visit this city

Tourism Places In Jammu

Tourism in Jammu, if we tale about  tourism so every year a little bit tourism generated almost for Mata Vaishno Devi Darshan, and Patnitop, also you can visit the city and explore temples and popular are the Bahu Fort, Akhnoor Fortin the city and shopping but I have to add some major places where you can go and explore these places

Katra Mata Vasnino Devi
yes, Katra District is Famous for Mata Vaishno Darshan you can come to Jammu by train or flight and after that go to Katra take a rest in the hotel and next morning you can go for Darshan

Patnitop Hill Top
its 1st and poplar travel destination in this region, but most travelers choose Kashmir tour from Jammu and after that, you can explore or take night stay in Patnitop, its famous hilltop in Patni top you visit Temples and Sansar Lake

Best Time to Visit

if you want to cover Jammu, so you can come any time also in winter. but if you want to come also Kashmir so Summer March till August is the best time to visit,
because if you will come winter you can face some problems such as landslides in Ramban etc

How to Reach

there are only two options to reach Jammu first is by flight yes you can book flight tickets to  airport and 2nd is by road you can book train tickets to Railway station if you want to come from Delhi so you can book Volvo to Jammu and reach

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Jammu FAQ

Which Places is the best in Jammu?
in Jammu is also known as a city of temples and there are so many temples where you can go also places like Kheerbawani Temple Patni Top Katra Sansar lake tec
How can we reach Jammu?
there are two ways to reach Jammu city by air to Jammu airport and by train to Jammu railways satation
How can we recah Jammu BY Volvo?
you can book a Volvo bus ticket in Chandigarh also in Delhi to Jammu it will take 10 hours to reach Jammu by Volvo
How far is Srinagar from Jammu?
from Jammu to Srinagar by road it's almost 360 km far from Jammu city and it will take 8 to 9 hours to recah
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