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Patni Top or Patnitop is a famous hilltop or station in Udampur District 120 km from Jammu city Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir. located in National Highway Srinagar Jammu Road the Shivalik belt of the Himalayas, you come in winter and enjoy snowfall and in summer explore the beauty of pine trees and Hillman ranges.

It is 1st the best travel destination in the Jammu region and you can do the best travel activities in Patni Tops such as Horse ride Paragliding and Trekking. In Pathi Top there are famous temples that you can visit when you come.’
almost 40% of travelers like to visit so they will book Kashmir tour from Jammu and explore one night in this place, but if you want to cover all the places you can take a 2-night stay. In Patni Top, there are the best hotels where you can stay

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Places to Visit In Patni Top

In Patni top, there are almost 10 places you can visit but we have shared some best and famous travel places where you can come if we talk about travel actuation you can visit Shiva Garh, BilloKi Powri, Nathatop, Sudh Mahadeva

Natha Top

Famous attraction Nathatop short trek from Patnitop. Natha Top is covered with snow during the month of December till March thereby enhancing its beauty two times. and this is best for seeking and paragliding

Naag Minder

Naag Minder (means Cobra ) its located in Mantalai near kimchi in Patnitop. Jammu and Kashmir, its almost 300-year-old Mandir in Jammu region you can cover the same day of Local trip

Sansar Lake

Sanasar is almost 17 kilometers away from Patnitop Jammu Kashmir. and ts picturesque landscapes and dense forests, famous for adventure tourism and sports. you can do paragliding and river rafting there

How To Reach

1. Road Less Traveled: Begin your odyssey by embracing the scenic route to Patni Top. Wind through lush greenery, meandering roads, and quaint villages. The journey itself becomes an adventure, with each turn revealing a new facet of the Himalayan landscape.

2. Railways of Romance: For those who cherish the rhythmic clatter of train travel, the nearest railway station is Jammu Tawi. From there, a mesmerizing drive awaits, taking you through picturesque valleys until you arrive at the doorstep of Patni Top.

3. Airborne Excitement: If the skies beckon, board a flight to Jammu Airport, your gateway to the skies above Patni Top. The aerial view as you descend is a preview of the breathtaking landscapes that await, promising an unforgettable arrival.

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PatniTop FAQ

1. What makes Patni Top a must-visit destination?

Patni Top, cradled in the Himalayas, is a symphony of tranquility and adventure. Whether you seek panoramic views, hiking trails, or a rendezvous with nature’s grandeur, Patni Top has it all.

2. How can I reach Patni Top?

Embrace the journey! Whether by road through scenic landscapes, by train to Jammu Tawi with a picturesque drive, or by air to Jammu Airport, each route unfolds a unique adventure leading to Patni Top.

3. What are the best activities in Patni Top?

From hiking hidden trails to experiencing the changing seasons, Patni Top invites you to explore. Engage in thrilling adventures or simply revel in the beauty of the surroundings.

4. Are there accommodations with a view?

Absolutely! Cozy retreats in Patni Top not only offer comfort but also breathtaking views. Wake up to the majesty of the Himalayas and let tranquility be your morning companion.

5. When is the best time to visit Patni Top?

Patni Top wears different attires with each season. Whether it’s the snow-laden charm of winter or the blooming

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