Patni Top

Patni Top or Patnitop is a famous hilltop or station in Udampur District 120 km from Jammu city Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir. located in National Highway Srinagar Jammu Road the Shivalik belt of the Himalayas, you come in winter and enjoy snowfall and in summer explore the beauty of pine trees and Hillman ranges. its 1st best travel destination in the Jammu region and you can do the best travel activities in Patni Tops such as Horse ride Parigaliding and Trekking. in Pathi Top there are famous temples where you can visit when you will come.’
almost 40% of travelers like to visit and so that they will book Kashmir tour from Jammu and explore one night in this place, but if you want to cover all the places you can take a 2-night stay. In Patni Top, there are best hotels where you can stay

Places to Visit & Things to Do in Patni Top

In Patni top, there are almost 10 places where you can visit but we have shared some best and famous travel places where you can come but if we talk about travel actuation so you can visit Shiva Garh, BilloKi Powri, Nathatop, Sudh Mahadeva

Natha Top

Famous attraction Nathatop short trek from Patnitop. Natha Top is covered with snow during the month of December till March thereby enhancing its beauty two times. and this is best for seeking and paragliding

Naag Minder

Naag Minder (means Cobra ) its located in Mantalai near kimchi in Patnitop. Jammu and Kashmir, its almost 300-year-old Mandir in Jammu region you can cover the same day of Local trip

Sansar Lake

Sanasar is almost 17 kilometers away from Patnitop Jammu Kashmir. and ts picturesque landscapes and dense forests, famous for adventure tourism and sports. you can do paragliding and river rafting there

Things to Do In Patni top


yes you can do Paragliding in Patni Top in Summer there are best places where you can go for Paragliding such as Sansar Lake & Natha Top

Horse Riding

it’s also famous for horse riding you can explore whole Patni top on the horse riding

River Rafting

if you like Rafting so you can go to Sansar Lake 17 km from Patni Top this place is best for River Rafting

Snow Skiing

Natha Top is the best places where you can do Skiing in winter

How can you reach and the best time to come

you can come bike road and by air, if you want to come by road so you can book a train from your city to Jammu railway station and after that book a local cab and come to Patni top. & if you want to come by air so you can book flight ticket to Jammu airport and reach Jammu after that do the same method
the best time comes to summer if you want also come only Patni top so you can visit in winter December till march and if you want to come also Kashmir so summer is the best time to come

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PatniTop FAQ

How can we reach Patnitop?
if you want to go Patni top so you should come to Jammu first yes you can come to Jammu by air also by train road and in Jammu book a cab FOR Patnitop
How many days are best for Patnitop?
in Patnitop, there are 3 best places if you want to go there so 2 night 3 days are the best for visit
Best Time to Go?
you can come any time but in winters the road is almost closed due to snowfall and landslides so if you really want to visit comes in the month of April May June Jully
Can we take Night stay in Patnitop?
yes if you have the plan to visit so you can take a night stay there are so many best hotels where you can take stay
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