Doodh Pathri

Doodh Pathri which means Valley of Milk, it’s a new tourism destination in Jammu and Kashmir, but I have visited this places and I can say its an amazing tourist destination 57 km from the Srinagar City, 30 km from Budgam District located in Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas, at an altitude of 2,730 m (8,957 ft) above sea level. but now this time if you want to cover this travel destination so you can do only a local day trip because there is no hotel stay and Restaurant now. you can pack lunch in the hotel and after that, you can visit these places. where you can explore amazing waterfalls and green land and pine trees. also, you can Horse riding in this place.
A local newspaper had published a photograph of Doodhpathri which showed the merciless chopping of trees and the bad condition of the road. One of the officials reacting just after seeing the photograph in the newspaper wrote gain to the newspaper the heading of the unconditional that was published just the hours of the day after the photograph was published was “Felling trees at Dodhpathri and the intensification thereof”.

How Can you reach & Best Time to Come Doodh Pathri

now if you have the plan to book Kashmir tour and visit these places we will guide you on how can you reach and the best time to visit so that you can explore Doodh Pathri.

How can you Reach

there are two options one is by air from your city to Srinagar and in Srinagar, you can book a local cab for the day trip its only 57 km away and in the evening come back to Srinagar.
By road, you can visit From Jammu to Srinagar By road after that book cab in Srinagar and visit these places for Day trip

Best Time to Visit

if you want to Come to Srinagar by air so in this case, you can visit any time when you want, but if you want to Come from Jammu by road via Pahalgam so the best time is Summer means April Till august

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Doodh Pathri FAQ

How far is Doodh Pathri from Srinagar?
Doodh Pathri is located in District Budgam Central Kashamie and its almost 47 km from the main Srinagar City
Can we take night stay there?
in Doodh Pather there is no option for a Night stay because its a new travel destination opens for travelers and there are no hotels now
How can we add Doodh Pathri in tour itinerary?
our company offer you an only local day trip to Doodh Pathri you can check our Kashmir tour packages we have mention one day trip to Doodh PATHRI
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