Dal Lake a famous lake stands as an enchanting jewel, and attracts visitors from all over the world. just 4 km from the main City of Srinagar. Famous for its beauty and things that you can explore in this lake, Including Shikara Photoshoot Houseboat stay and more.

It is also known as The Jewel of Srinagar, a most visited destination in Srinagar over the year. Spread over 15 km, it is the second-largest lake in Jammu & Kashmir.  The snow-capped mountains & Pir Panjal ranges make it more beautiful in Summer. also the Shikara Boat & Houseboats attraction the tourists as the flim over the year

Its not only a lake to explore, but you can visit multi travel attractions via Boat like Char Chinar, Dargha Hazrat Ball Nishat Garden & Other Places. where you can do shopping in Dal Lake & Buy Pishmena Shawals & Much more

Dal Lake, Dal is a Kashmir word which means dam of water, and it’s famous for lake, is in Srinagar the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir it’s also popular for the Lake of Flowers and Jewel in the crown of Kashmir.  a popular and main tourist sport in Srinagar there are so many houseboats and hotels based on this lake. It’s only 2 km from the main city in Dalgate.

It’s the second-largest lake in Kashmir after Jehlem lake that’s the reason Srinagar is also known as the city of Lakes. The lake covers an area of 18 square kilometers (6.9 sq mi) and is part of a natural wetland that covers 21.1 square kilometers (8.1 sq mi), including its floating gardens. and on the banks of the Lake, you can see the Mughal Gardens like Nishat Bagh based on the banks of Lake, Shalimar Bagh,

also the popular Shrine Dargha Hazrat Bal. there are so many budget and best houseboats where you can take stay in Dal Lake also Shikara boats popular for Sightseen. you can cover this lake on our Srinagar packages and also get a night stay there

Things to do in Dal Lake

It’s not only a lake but the most popular tourist destination in Jammu and Kashmir and every traveler wants tonight stay also some travel activities in this lake

Houseboat Stay
The houseboat is like a mini Hotel made for woods in Dal Lake there are so may cattrogery houseboats like budget and luxury in this lake and every traveler wants to take a night stay there

Shikara Ride
Shikara is a Kashmiri word that means the boat and it’s a popular boat ride that everyone wants to take in Dal Lake, with family or a partner, you can take a one-hour Shikara ride in the evening or morning and explore the whole lake also the top Zabarwan mountains

yes in Dal Lake you can take photoshoots in Shikara also use local Kashmiri Dress and make a lifetime memory

also, you can go shopping while you take a Shikara ride inside Dal Lake there are so many Shopping marts, and buy all types of Kashmiri products

Near By Travel Attraction in Dal Lake

Dal Lake is not only about the Lake, but you can explore the top places which are based on the banks of Lake here are some options

Chashme Shahi:
Known as the “Royal Spring,” Chashme Shahi is a Mughal garden famous for its natural spring. The garden offers a peaceful ambiance and stunning views of the surrounding mountains

Floating Vegetable Market:
Experience the unique floating vegetable market on Dal Lake, where local vendors sell fresh produce from their shikaras. It’s a vibrant and culturally rich experience.

Char Chinar:
Located in the middle of Dal Lake, Char Chinar is a small island with four majestic Chinar trees. The island provides a unique and picturesque spot for a shikara ride.

Hazratbal Shrine:
A significant Muslim shrine on the northern shores of Dal Lake, Hazratbal is known for its pristine white marble architecture and is considered a revered place of worship.

How can You Reach

so now if you have plan to book Kashmir tour and also want to visit Dal Lake there are two ways to come the lake firts ytou can come by bair to Srinagar and in the Airport take a local acb to Dal Lake it will take 20 miunts to reach. also by road from Jammu to Srinagar, it will take 9 hours to reach Srinagar and in Srinagar get any local cab also you can go by walk to Dal Lake

isn’t just a destination; it’s an immersion into nature’s poetry. Whether you seek tranquility on a Shikara, cultural richness at the Hazratbal Shrine, or seasonal marvelsLake beckons you to explore its timeless charm

Dal Lake Faq

. What makes Lake a must-visit destination in Kashmir?

is renowned for its breathtaking beauty, serene surroundings, and unique experiences such as Shikara rides, houseboat stays, and visits to iconic landmarks like the Hazratbal Shrine. It’s a destination that seamlessly blends natural charm with cultural richness.

2. How can I experience a Shikara ride on Lake?

Shikara rides are readily available at various points around Lake. You can hire a Shikara either directly from the shore or through your accommodation. or you can book once you will reach there our package are included one Shikara Ride

3. What are the accommodation options on Dal Lake?

offers a unique stay in houseboats, each with its character and amenities. These floating accommodations provide a memorable experience, where you can take a night stay in Famoiutrs Houseboats & explore the Kashmir’s rich culture

4. When is the best time to visit?

The beauty of Dal Lake is ever-changing with the seasons. Spring and summer (April to June) offer pleasant weather, so if you like to explore the travel activities then summer time is the perfect time April Till Octomber you can visit & take a stay there

5. Are there any cultural attractions?

Yes, the Hazratbal Shrine, located on the shores of Dal, is a significant cultural and religious landmark. This revered shrine attracts pilgrims and visitors alike, providing a glimpse into the rich heritage of Kashmir.

7. How do I reach?

is situated in Srinagar, the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir. The nearest airport is Srinagar International Airport, and the lake is well-connected by road. Visitors can also explore rail options to reach Srinagar.

9. Are there water sports activities on Dal Lake?

While  Lake is known for its serene atmosphere, water sports activities such as boating Shikara Ride Shopping Photoshoot & much more you can explore there

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