Shey Monastery

Shey One of the most prestigious travel attractions 15km in Leh city, the Shey Monastery or Place has situated in the Shey town away structure 15 km. from south Leh city Manali street. Shuddering supplication banners, adorned chortens, beautiful stones cut back Buddhist engravings, and many petition wheels agreeable to you as you climb the hillock lodging the cloister. and Set inside the Shey royal residence that is presently in ruins, the religious community is renowned for its lodging and its Ladakh’s second biggest statue of situated Shakyamuni Buddha made in plated copper following gold.

About Shey Monastery

The dividers moist the statue embellish the representations of 16 Arhats and two supporters of Buddha. Wonderful artworks and frescoes vis- – vis the dividers of the religious community delineating waver hand motions of Buddha are notwithstanding worth taking note. Other than the excellence of the cloister what makes you entranced is the terrific perspectives on the environment lighten on elevated pinnacles of the Zanskar slopes and green Indus River winding its propensity through the valley. One of the must-visit places, Shey Monastery ought to thoroughly be upon the movement schedules of voyagers who have the plan to cover Leh Ladakh.

Right now is a fumes celebration and For the best travel understanding, you can visit the cloister during its yearly Shey Rupla Festival which draws in crowds of voyagers from the connecting towns and also gives you a coincidental to tune the odd move performed by men wearing tiger outfits.

Best Time To Visit

You can visit any time Shey Places even if you will come in winter so you can cover Easley because it’s only 15km from south Leh Manali road, but Mat till July is the best time to visit this village

How to reach Shey Monastery

Do you want to cover Shey Place or the monastery when you book the Ladakh tour so you can cover this place on the day of local sightseeing. It’s only 15km away from Leh. You can book a local cab or you if have a book Ladakh tour your travel company will provide you a cab

Shey Monastery FAQ

Q1- When was Monastery built?

Shey Monastery was built in the 17th century, around 1655, by King Deldan Namgyal. It served as the summer retreat for the kings of Ladakh.

Q2 – What is the main attraction of Shey Monastery?

The main highlight is the colossal gold-plated copper statue of Lord Buddha, which stands tall at 12 meters. This majestic statue, known as the Shey Choskhor, is a symbol of peace and spirituality.

Q3 – Is Shey Monastery open to the public?

Yes, Shey is open to the public. Visitors can explore the monastery complex, admire the architecture, and experience the serene atmosphere. It’s a popular destination for both pilgrims and tourists.

Q4 – Are there any festivals celebrated at Shey?

Yes, the monastery hosts various festivals, with the Shey Doo Lhoo being one of the most significant. This annual festival involves vibrant ceremonies, traditional dance performances, and religious rituals.

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