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    srinagar jammu and kashmir
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    Srinagar City is the one of largest city also a summer capital of state Jammu and Kashmir and also a best tourist places

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    Srinagarcity,  is the largest summer capital of state of jammu and  and Jammu is the winter capital because in winter srinagar has suffer much lot of problems srinagar is part of  northern India, and situated in the Kashmir region because jammu and kashmir has 3 regions 1 jammu 2 kashmir 3 ladakh  The  srinagar city has lies along the river banks of the famous Jhelum River at an  elevation of 5,300 feet and (1,700 meters)to the Vale of jammu Kashmir.

    here is top tourist places

    1 dallake

    dallake is a forums river in srinagar

    2 moughal gardens

    moughal gardens is best sight seen gardens in kashmir like nishat garden, shalimar garden, pari mahal etc


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