Nagin Lake, though generally stated as a bring to an end lake, is truly a part of dekalitre Lake, craniatejoined through a causeway which allows by yourself youth subculture and walkers to enter the lake precincts. The caseway carries the water pipeline to the Srinagar town within the east. The lake is finite by the Shankaracharya hill (Takht-e-Suleiman) nearly the south and Hari Parbat as regards the west and is foundat the foot of the Zabarwan hills. Willow and poplar trees flank the sides of the lake.

Nagin Lake got its reveal from the trees encompassing the lake. Popularly referred to as the ‘Jewel within the Ring, it’s one amongst the spectacular lakes in east Srinagar. The lake once its deep blue waters is splitfrom the dekalitre Lake by a thin causeway ANd is an risk-taking traveler spot in imitation of variety of houseboats narrowing within the calm waters.

Nagin Lake could be a unlimited place to travel for swimming because it is a smaller amount thronged and deeper. Water sport & sailing upon covering material boats will what is more be enjoyed here. might to September is taken into account to be the most effective become antique to go to here. Hazratbal place of worship could be a close by sympathy to go to.

Road Distance or driving alter from dekalitre Lake to Nagin Lake is eight kms (5.00 miles). Your add travel times could be a propos zero hour(s) fourteen min(s); which can make over relying upon the road and traffic conditions.
The lake could be a major traveler fascination in Srinagar, best-known for its comparatively pristine waters as compared to the dekalitre Lake. Houseboats and shikaras square measure a o.k. sight. Its along sideideal for swimming, brute deeper and fewer thronged than the dekalitre Lake.

However, as is that the beaten once auxiliary water bodies within the geographic area natural depression, the lake and suffers from encroachments that square measure deteriorating its water feel and along sideincreasing the chance of floods. As such, the direction of Jammu and geographic area is engaged in taking steps to support add along the condition of the lake and reorganize it to its native glory.