Shikara Wich is a Kashmir word that means Boat and Shikara ride is the most amazing Boat ride that you can do while visiting Dal Lake in Srinagar also In Nigeen Lake. in our Kashmir Packages & Srinagar tour packages we have already mentioned this travel activity that you will do the first day in Houseboat. it’s an amazing ride take with your family & Partner and explore the whole Dal Lake in Shikara Take photos and amazing scenes of the Zabarvan Mountains

About Shikara Ride

Shikara Ride in Dal Lake Kashmir is standard around the globe for the marvelous Shikara ride within the beautiful decaliter Lake at Srinagar. Shikara ride, that is that the center of attraction to the tourists in Srinagar is largely a ship ride. The shikhara could be a style of picket boat found on decaliter Lake and alternative water bodies of Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir, India. the tiny and delightful boat of this area is understood as Shikara.
The boats are usually navigated by 2 boatmen in phiran and that they carry kangris (portable heaters) and have soft seats and backrests. The longboats crowd the Srinagar lakes. they’re used for obtaining back and forth from the houseboats or for extended tours of decaliter Lake. as a result of the decaliter is central to the landscape of Srinagar, several places of traveler interest are built

Best Time to Do Shikara Ride in Lake

Now if you will visit Dal Lake and also take a night stay in Houseboat now if you want to do Shikra ride so choose the perfect time for this and the first time in the early Moring and late Evening so that you take an amazing ride. also, April May June 7 Jully is the most perfect time for this

Shikara FAQ

How can we book Shikara in Dal Lake
if you want to do this ride we offer you a free Shikara ride in Dal Lake in our tour packages and also you can book same time any gate in Dal Gate
How much it will take cost for Shikara ride?
it depends how much time you want to do riad for one hour you should pay almost 700 rs and for 2 hours 11000 rs per ride Shikara
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