Mulbekh Monastery

Famous for its two Gompas, Drukpa and Gelugpa, situated upon Leh-Srinagar highway 45 km from Kargil and 260 km from Leh. it’s famous for its 30ft long statue of Maitreya Buddha, carved upon to the rocks. This big limestone sculpture behind a gorgeous incline may be a delight to the eye. Also, its location at 3504 meters above the foothills gives an enthralling view of the valleys the length of.
Enshrined as soon because the 9-meter tall idol of Maitreya Buddha (distant) chiseled within the rocks, Mulbekh Monastery is 36 Km far away from Kargil upon the enlargement towards Leh upon the National Highway 1D.

It is believed that the idol dates uphold to the 8th century but another researcher of thought believes it to possess been inbuilt Kushan’s times. The sculpture is claimed to possess been carved by the missionaries, but the artwork added depicts that these missionaries weren’t Tibetans and were probably Ladaakhis. There are subsidiary ancient edicts unventilated the most sculpture in Kharoshti script. Mulbekh on the opposite hand forms a panorama comprised of sturdy stone as soon as occasional green patches continue across the unending horizon

Mulbekh Monastery Festival

 maybe a lesser-known festival of Ladakh, still it’s enormously beautiful and tempting to watch how people celebrate the victory of terrible on the peak of evil.

How you Can Reach

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