Cheap Ladakh Tour Packages, the package will give a new experience for those who love Landscape and Himalayan ranges and want to do the best Adventure activities. That why Kashmir TourMart offers the Best Deals about Cheapest Ladakh Tour Package with the lowest prices. Ladakh New union territory in India, located 420 Km From Kashmir & 460 from Manali, it’s a land that describes Lamas culture and religious activities.
and it’s time to explore the whole Ladakh so come with us we will guide you on how can you plan Budget Trip for Ladakh, and we will help you to make a Cheap tour itinerary for Leh Ladakh so that you can come with your family or friends.
in Cheap Ladakh Tour Packages, cover all the best tourism places & monasteries that everyone wants to cover, Company provides all the information about Ladakh Tourism such as How can You Come By Air, How can you come by road Ladakh. But book Kashmir & Ladakh Packages with affordable Prices and visit famous places such as Sonmarg Kargil & Drass Valley

Our travel package  Ladakh Trekking Packages, Ladakh Bike Tour Packages & Leh Ladakh Honeymoon PackagesLadakh Tour Package by road, Ladakh Jeep Safari Tour Packages, Ladakh tour from Chennai, Ladakh Tour From Mumbai, Ladakh Tour from Kolkata is the best and cheap design, for customers.  This tour package is best for those, who have the plan to visit Leh Ladakh By road or via Flight from Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, and outside India.
In Leh Ladakh, there are 20 above travel places, where you can enjoy your holiday. Leh City, Nubra Valley, Pan Gong Lake, Hems Valley, and Kargil are most famous for travelers. So Book our Budget Leh Ladakh Packages and get to chance to visit Ladakh Region Jammu and Kashmir.
We are one of the best and famous tours and travel company in Leh Ladakh Union Territory. Provide all types of Holiday Packages with Best Rates and services. no one can beat our services in this region so contact us any time to get top deals

2021 Popular Ladakh Tour Packages

Cheap Ladakh PackagesTour DaysTour PricePlaces Tour Dates
1, Cheapest Leh Ladakh Trip 4 Night 5 Days12300 Rs Per PersonNubra Valley, Pangong Lake, Hemis, Alchi2021
2, Budget trip to Ladakh5 Night | 6 Days13,100 Rs Per PersonLeh City, Pangong Lake, Nubra Valley, Shanti Stupa,2021
3, Best Of Ladakh Tour6 Night | 7 Days14,500 Rs Per PersonLeh, Hemis, Turtuk, Pangong Lake, Nubra Valley,2021
4, Ladakh Trip From Delhi7 Night | 8 Days16,700 Rs Per PersonKargil, Leh, Nubra Valley, Hemis, Pangong Lake,2021
5, Visit Ladakh from Bangalore8 Night | 9 Days17,100 Rs Per PersonSonmarg, Leh, Kargil, Hemis,Turtuk, Nubra Valley2021
6, Cheap Mumbai to Leh9 Night | 10 Days18,000 Rs Per PersonNubra Valley, Manali, Hemis, Pangong Lake, Kargil,2021
Book these latest Budget Cheapest Ladakh Packages 2020 and visit Land of Lamas with the best travel company based in Leh and Srinagar all these Packages is valid only December 2020 so hurry up and get the best prices to form Delhi Mumbai Kolkata & Pune

About Ladakh Tour

Ladakh Tour Packages
Our Clients tourists have booked Ladakh tour with us and enjoy jeep safari trip in Pangong Lake

Ladakh UT is situated between 30 degrees to 36 degrees east latitude and 76 degrees to 79 degrees north longitude. The region of Ladakh consists of two districts, Leh and Kargil.
The region of Ladakh normally remains landlocked between November to June every year as Srinagar Ladakh and Ladakh-Manali highways, which connect Ladakh with the other parts of the country, remain closed during this period because of snow and rigorous winter. So if you have the plan to visit you can book Cheapest Ladakh Tour Packages in these months.
Ladakh is also the land of many lakes and springs. Among the springs, the famous are the sulfur springs of Panamic (Nobra) Chumathang and Puga of Changthang, which are famous for early curing of joints/rheumatic diseases. Many mineral springs are also found in some remote parts of Ladakh.
People of the region use the spring water as medicine to prevent and cure themselves of many diseases. The important lakes which fall within the jurisdiction of Ladakh are Pangong Lake(150 km long, 4 km wide situated at a height of 14,000 ft) Tsomorri Lake. Ladakh has two districts namely Leh and Kargil which stand in contrast with each other in terms of geography and climate.
The grate Himalaya mountain, lying to the south, forms a barrier to monsoon in this area. Due to this region, Ladakh is an isolated cold desert region.

Places To Visit Ladakh

Drass Valley
Drass (32300m) sixty kilometer west of Kargil on the road to Srinagar could be a tiny town lying within the center of the depression of constant name. it’s become famous because the second coldest in clothed place within the world by virtue of the extraordinary.
Winter temperature is usually renowned to plummet to but minus 40 degrees. to go to Drass, thus you can Book cheap Ladakh Tour Packages from Kashmir. and explore this place

Kargil Town
Kargil ( 2704m) 204 km from Srinagar in the west and 234 km from Leh in the east, it is the second-largest urban center of Ladakh and headquarters of the district of the same name. A Quite town Now
, Kargil once served as an important trade and transit center in the Panto cover these places you can also go through Leh to Kargil and take 0ne night stay there. Or you should book Budget Ladakh tour from Kashmir to Ladakh

Excursions in Ladakh
Situated 45 km East of Kargil on the road to Leh, Mulbek (3230m0 in an area dominated by the Buddhists. It is situated along either bank of the Wakha River which originates. Many monuments of the early Buddhist era dot the landscape and are accessible from the road

Mulbek Chamba
the chief attraction of Mulbek is a 9 m high rock sculpture deep relief of Maitreya, the Future Buddha. Its excursion combines esoteric Shaivite symbolism with early Buddhist art. Situated right on the highway, its dates back to the period when Buddhists, Missionaries came traveling east of Himalayas

Hemis Monastery
Hemis: situated 40km from Leh, Hemis is the wealthiest, best know, and biggest gompa of Ladakh. The annual festival of the gompa is held in summer in honor of Guru Padma Sambhav’s birth anniversary.
It also has the largest thanka (scroll painting on silk or brocade) in Ladakh which is unfurled once in 12 years. Hemis was built in 1630A.D. during the region of Sengge Namgyal and flourished under the Namgyal dynasty

Alchi or Likir Monastery
In our Cheapest Ladakh Packages, You Can cover these places also. The gompa is situated on the banks of the Indus. 70km from Leh and dates a thousand years back. The gompa is no longer an active religious center and its looked after by monks from the Likir Monastery, read more about this place

Spituk Monastery
The gompa stands prominently on the top of a hillock, 8kms from Leh, and commands a panoramic view of the Indus Valley for miles. Many icons of Buddha and five Thankas are found in a 15th-century monastery. There is also a collection of ancient masks, antique arms, and an awe-inspiring image of Mahakal.

Phyang Gompa
If you want to book Kashmir & Ladakh packages so its located Kargil road. It was built by Tashi Namgyal in the latter half of the 16th century A.D. and looks like a place from a distance. The gompa belongs to the Red Cap sect of the Buddhists. Hundreds of icons of Budha are kept on wooden shelves

Shey Monastery
15km upstream from Leh. The palace is believed to have been the seat of power of the per- Tibetan kings. A7.5 meter high copper statue of Buddha plated with gold, and the largest of its kind is installed in the shy palace

Thiksey Monastery
The Thikse Monastery is spectacularly situated 19km from Leh. It is one of the largest and architecturally most impressive gompas. The gompa has images, stupas and wall paintings of Buddha which are exquisite

Pangong Tso Lake
This Lake is situated around 160 km away from Leh District. It is located at a height of 4350 m above mean sea level on Changtang plateau in the ern part of Ladakh. This lake covers a total area of 604 sq km. Pangong Lake is 134 km long and 5 -6 km wide. It is a salty lake and also known as Hollow Lake

Tso Moriri Lake
it is located in the Changtang area. The lake is about 28 km in length 4-6 km wide and 248 feet depth. It is also known as Tso Moriri Wetland Conservation Reserve. The water of this lake is less brackish as compared to Pangong Lake, thus supports more birdlife.

Things To Do In Ladakh Tour

Ladakh is the Best Place for Travel activities you can do the best tour activities in all places, and we have mentioned all things in Cheapest Ladakh Tour Packages that you will do. now we have mentioned some best tour activities that is a must to do on your tour.

Bike Riding in Ladakh
Bike riding is one of the amazing Activities that everyone want to do in Ladakh, you can explore all travel place on your bike Nubra Pangong Leh Local Hemis Tso. but also every travel wan to explore Bike Trip from Srinagar or Manali

Chadar Trek
one of the famous trek that every Adult Traveler wan tot do in Leh, its do in River Zanskar & winter is the best time to do Chadar Trek. this time is best for adventurers lovers who dare to take challenges and also enjoy the top mountains.

Camping in Ladakh
every traveler wan to stay in Campus when he will reach, Camping in Ladakh is mots famous Activities while camping at the top of the mountains. you can do when you will visit Pangong Lake & Nubra Valley check our Budget Ladakh Packages & get a night stay in Camps

Camel Safari in Nubra Valley
One the day when you will visit Moon Land ( Nubra Valley) there is 2nd best activity is Camel safari after camping. & this region is the only place in India where you can do Camel Safari. This camel safari is very popular in the Diskit and Hunder valley.

Ladakh Tour
Our Group have booked Ladakh Trip with us and doing Camel riding in Nunrav Valley Hunder

Ladakh Marathon
Another best travel activity which you can’t miss while you are on yo cheap Ladakh trip. if you want to take a chance highest marathon, then you can do it here.

Mountain Biking
Mountain Biking or Mountain cycling is the best travel activities you can do in Ladakh. you can start your cycling trip to Leh & explore Hemis, Alchi, Thiksee on your cycling

Trekking & Rafting in Zanskar
Zanskar Valley is 230 Km away from Leh & 180 km from Kargil & this Valley is best for Trekking in Zanskar also river rafting. you can book 8-night tours so that you can explore trekking in Zanskar Valley


you are in Ladakh so let’s explore the best festivals that unite UT Ladakh; let’s have a glance at some of the most euphoric festivals in this region, and get pleasantly lost in the ocean of cultures, traditions, devotion, colors, music,

Losar – New Year
Losar Its one of the popular festivals of Ladakh – this festival is a medley of Ladakh cultural & events, Holy fire. the Losar festival that falls in the month 2nd weak of December as per the Tibetan religious calendar.

Sindhu Darshan
Sindhu Darshan Festival, Sindhu is the name of River in Ladakh this festival is celebrated on Guru Purnima, in Banks of river Sindhu at Shey, in the month of June. The 3-day festival is also a unique way of paying big respect to the brave Indian soldiers

Hemis Tsechu:
This festival is celebrated in the month of July in Hemis Monastery, Hemis Tsechu is a famous awaited festivals in Ladakh. It’s two-day sal festivals. Its best for mask dances by the lamas of Hemis monastery

Yuru Kabgyat
its also celebrated in the month of July in Hemis monastery, it an Amazing attraction for tourists in the month of July. Yuru Kabgyat is a 2-day Hemis Ladakh festival that brings together Ladakh peoples

Thiksey Gustor
it’s celebrated in Monasteries of Thiksey, Spituk, and Karsha, & Different months for each monastery in Leh Ladakh. Thiksey Gustor is The 2-day festival that starts with chants and charms.

Best Time To Visit Leh Ladakh

You are planning to visit Ladakh? But you don’t know the best time don’t worry we will guide you & tell you the best plan which is the best time & month to explore the Low-Cost Ladakh Tour.
So read your post carefully & choose the best time so that you can cover all the tourism places. In this region, there are two sessions Off tourism session Starts from September till April, & On Session starts May till August.
Visit in September October November till April.
want to Book Cheapest Ladakh Package this month so you can face so many problems such as in these months you cant get the best services in hotels. Because of the lake of electricity & cloud weather.
And in December till April, you cant Stay in Camps not explore Nubra Valley & Pangong Lake because of minutes Degree computer.

Visit May June July till August
These months are the best time to visit Leh Ladakh you can cover all places such as Nubra Pangong Lake, Tsomorri Lake, & you can stay in camps. Also, you want to visit by road from Srinagar or Manali so this time is best

How Can You Reach Leh Ladakh

Ladakh union territory is 430 km from Kashmir & 460 from Manali and there are only two options to reach Leh Ladakh, first is easy but if your budget is high or I can say if you only want to Cover Ladakh. and 2nd option is for those who want to cover all Srinagar or Manali by road

Visit By Air Flight
this is the first option to reach Leh you can book a simple Flight ticket from Delhi Mumbai Kolkata or other states where you live to Leh Airport

Visit By road from Srinagar
want also cover heaven on earth Kashmir so you can book train tickets to Jammu and after that book cab to Leh via Sonmarg and Kargil

Visit By Road from Manali
or n come from Chandigarh to Manali by train or Volvo and after that book cab in Manali to Leh,

Read more

Cheap Leh Ladakh Tour Packages 2021

Best Leh Ladakh Tour 5 Nights

Best Leh Ladakh Tour 5 Nights

5 Night 6 Days |  Price: 11,200 to 12,300 Rs
Visit: Leh| Hemis | Nubra Valley | Pangong Tso | Shey Palace | Thiksey | Magnetic Hill
Best  Leh Ladakh Tour for 5 nights starting from Leh airport and drop also Leh, Visit best tourist places & attractions get a night stay in a budget Hotel & Camps with our best Tour services, this package is for Family & Group, Book & get the best deals for our side
Want to know more about this trip send us your details
Pay 20% Advance Only & Book This Trip

Budget Leh Ladakh Trip 8 Days

Budget Leh Ladakh Tour

7 Night 8 Days |  Price: 13,200 to 15,300 Rs
Visit: Nubra Valley | Pangong Tso| Sham Valley | Hemis | Alchi | Leh | Shey Palace | Thiksey
Budget Leh Ladakh trip 7 nights in this tour package you will get a night stay in Nubra Valley Pangong Lake & Leh, also cab for the whole trip & budget hotels & camps, book & explore your trip with our best travel services in Ladakh, with cheap prices 
Want to know more about this trip send us your details
Pay 20% Advance Only & Book This Trip

Cheapest Ladakh Trip 7 Nights

Cheapest Ladakh Packages

7 Night 8 Days |  Price: 12,200 to 13,300 Rs
Visit: Lamayuru| Alchi | Pangong Lake| Nubra Valley | Shaam Valley | Magnetic Hill | Hemis | Thiksey
Cheapest Trip to Ladakh 8 days visit local city Leh, and monasteries like Hemis Thikesy and also go to Nubra Valley Sham Valley do camping & camel riding in Diskt, Company offer you the best travel services hotel & cab for the whole trip s
Want to know more about this trip send us your details
Pay 20% Advance Only & Book This Trip

Ladakh Special 5 Nights Tour

Ladakh Special 5 Nights

5 Night 6 Days |  Price: 12,200 to 13,300 Rs
Visit: Leh| Hemis | Nubra Valley | Pangong Tso | Shey Palace | Lamayuru | Magnetic Hill
Book Ladakh Special 5 days trip & get a chance to explore all the tourist places in Ladakh, KashmirtourMart offer you the best travel services like Camps Hotels & Cab for the whole trip, take camel & yak riding in Nubra Valley explore monasteries in Leh
Want to know more about this trip send us your details
Pay 20% Advance Only & Book This Trip

Cheap Package For Ladakh

Cheap Package For Ladakh

6 Night 7 Days |  Price: 14,200 to 15,300 Rs
Visit: Leh| Hemis | Nubra Valley | Pangong Tso | Shey Palace | Thiksey | Magnetic Hill | Sham Valley
Cheap 6-night package for Ladakh only for group & family, pickup from Leh airport & drop also in Leh visit the best places & monasteries, take night stay in Camps & cheap hotels also Cab for the whole trip, so contact us any time and get the best deals
Want to know more about this trip send us your details
Pay 20% Advance Only & Book This Trip

Best Leh Ladakh Tour 6 Nights

Cheap Leh 5 Nights Tour

6 Night 7 Days |  Price: 14,200 to 16,300 Rs
Visit: Leh| Hemis | Nubra Valley | Pangong Tso | Shey Palace | Thiksey | Tso Moriri | Alchi
Best Leh Ladakh trip 7 days book this tour with us & get the best deals, explore all monasteries in Leh, take night stay in Pangong & Nubra the package is valid from May till August, Our diver will guide you everywhere and make your trip amazing
Want to know more about this trip send us your details
Pay 20% Advance Only & Book This Trip

Cheap Ladakh Tour 4 Nights

Low Cost Ladakh Tour 4 Night

4 Night 5 Days |  Price: 10,200 to 11,300 Rs
Visit: Leh| Hemis | Nubra Valley | Alchi | Lamayur | Shey Palace | Thiksey  | Shanti Stupa
4 Night 5 days Cheap Ladakh Tour for those who are looking budget trip book this & visit major some places like monasteries & attractions get night stay in Leh & Nubra Valley with our best travel services, contact us any time if you want to know more
Want to know more about this trip send us your details
Pay 20% Advance Only & Book This Trip

Kashmir Ladakh Package 8 Nights

Ladakh Tour Packages

8 Night 9 Days |  Price: 16,200 to 17,300 Rs
Visit: Leh| Srinagar | Kargil | Alchi | Mulbek | Nubra | Pangong Tso | Shaam Valley | Hemis
Explore Heaven on earth and Ladakh together by road and visit famous places take night stay in Houseboat camps & hotels, explore Drass Valley Kargil & Sonmarg also on this trip. company will receive you at Srinagar airport & transfer to Leh via Kargil
Want to know more about this trip send us your details
Pay 20% Advance Only & Book This Trip

Visit Ladakh Via Kashmir 7 Nights

Budget Leh Ladakh Tour

7 Night 8 Days |  Price: 15,200 to 16,300 Rs
Visit: eh | Srinagar | Kargil | Lamayuru | Nubra Valley | Pangong Lake | Hemis | Alchi
 Visit Land of Adventure via Kashmir by road take night stay in Dal Lake Leh & Camp stay in Nubra Valley, explore Shikara Ride, Camel Ride on this trip company provide you best hotels & camps also a cab for the whole trip so that you can cover all the places
Want to know more about this trip send us your details
Pay 20% Advance Only & Book This Trip

Related Cheapest Ladakh Holiday Packages

Bike Trip To Kashmir Ladakh

Cheap Leh Ladakh Trip

8 Night 9 Days| Package For: Group & Family
Explore Ladakh with bike book Bike package starting from Srinagar to Kargil to Leh and take an amazing ride with your friends, company provide you all types of Bikes with all items
Want to know more about this trip send us your details
Pay 20% Advance Only & Book This Trip

Ladakh Bike Tour 6 Nights

Budget Trip to Ladakh

6 Night 7 Days| Package For: Group & Family
Book Cheap Ladakh Bike Trip for 6 days pickup from Leh and explore Nubra Valley Pangong Lake and other places & monasteries  with our best support and tour services in Leh Ladakh
Want to know more about this trip send us your details
Pay 20% Advance Only & Book This Trip

Best Of Ladakh Trip 4 Nights

Ladakh Packages

4 Night 5 Days| Package For: Group & Family
4 Night 5 days Ladakh trip staring from Leh and visit major tourist attractions take night stay in Hotel & explore camps in Nubra Valley, take a camel ride in Moon Valley visit Monasteries
Want to know more about this trip send us your details
Pay 20% Advance Only & Book This Trip

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People Also Ask About Ladakh Tour 2021

  1. What is Ladakh Famous for ?

    Ladakh is best for Tourism, Adventure Tours Such as Bike Trip Jeep Safari, Trekking, Mountains, shopping where you can buy Ladkah Handicrafts, Food, also its popular for Histrical places rekigous Monasterys. Lakes in Ladakh High pas'ss Camping & Much more book a Ladakh trip and explore the all things in our packages
  2. How to reach Ladakh from India & Outside India ?

    every traveler have a common question that who can we reach Ladakh from India & Outside India, we will tell you there are only three options to reach 1st Option is – By Air Yes, your first option is you can Visit By Air, in Ladakh there is one airport 7 km from Leh city. So you can book a ticket decently to Leh Airport & Back to Your city. But if You also want to visit Manali so you can book your tickets to Chandighar airport & after that you can visit by road. Also, you can explore Srinagar Kargil Drass so you can book Flight to Srinagar airport, after that you can visit via Cab 2nd option is – By Train Now if your budget is low or you want to explore also other places so there are two options to visit by train Book ticket to Chandighar – this is the first option if you want to cover Manali & Ladakh so you can book a train from Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Banglore to Chandighar Railway station. & after that, you Can visit By road Book Ticket to Jammu – now you can visit also from Kashmir so you should book a train to Jammu Tawi Station, & after that, you can visit by road 3rd option is – By Bus this option is the same you can book tempo or any other cab from Chandighar to Ladakh or Book Bus Jammu to Ladakh.
  3. How long does it take time to get Panong from Leh?

    If you have the plan to visit Pangong Lake so you can go to early morning its 168 km from Leh city & you will reach 2 pm almost its will take 4 hours to reach Pangong lake
  4. Do I Need Inner Line Permit to Visit Ladakh?

    in Ladakh, there are some travel places where you need Inner Line Permit such as Nubra Valley, Tsomoriri Lake, & Pangong Lake because these places is near to INDO-CHINA and on oue cheap Ladakh packages you will get free inner line permit for our side
  5. How Much it will cost for Ladakh Trip?

    Dear, it depends on your tour plan like how many days you want to stay & which type of hotels you need. but if you make a Cheap Ladakh Tour Packages like 4-night tour plan so the cost will be 15400 Rs per person for Leh to Leh only and if you want to come by road from manali or Srinagar to Leh the cost will be changed
  6. How many days are enought to book Ladakh Tour?

    If you have to plan a Ladakh trip so there are 3 options for you firts is Leh to Leh Plan so if you want to come leh by air and cover all major places so 6 night 7 days are enough. and 2nd is manali to Leh by road so if you want to come by road from Manali so 8 night 9days are best and 3rd plan is by road from Srinagar in this plan you will cover more places like Kargil Drass Mulbekh Alchi etc so 9 Night 10 Day are enough to Book Ladakh tour
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