Pangong Lake

Pangong Lake is poplar lake in Ladakh, this lake is situated in the upper compasses of the Himalayan range, cuddled in the midst of an infertile scene of Ladakh, this is additionally favorite travel goal for Bollywood .the tranquil Pangong Lake is known for its captivating elevated magnificence. Amazing vistas of sky blue waters of the lake and rough lakeshore with a dazzling scenery of tough snow-topped mountains; words miss the mark to depict the enchanted excellence of the lake and its environment. As you spend not many hours in the region of the lake, watch the spiritualist wonder of its flawless waters mirroring various shades of blue and green with the changing situation of the sun during the day.

Frequently, different transient winged creatures like seagulls, ducks, and cranes can be spotted on the lakeside, additionally making it a perfect site for fledgling watchers and picture takers. In winter you can not visit Pangong Lake in light of the fact that the temperature goes beneath minutes 25 and there is no inns open at this time.
To add some more rush to your excursion to the Pangong Lake, nothing can be more energizing than choosing a medium-term remain during the tents right beside the lake in the Spangmik Village.

The lake is closed of Indo-China outskirt and on the off chance that you need to visit so you need uncommon internal line grants from the Indian Army experts for the outside visitor and nationals to visit bt China vacationer isn’t permitted to visit there, in the event that you are remote voyager so you have to submit passport and Photo duplicate, and if are you Indian so you ought to convey Identify Card

Top Places to Cover in Pangong Lake

in Pangong, there are some best travel attractions that you should cover when you will visit Pangong, but if you want to cover these places so you need to stay 2 nights here. we have shared some best places nearby Pangong that you can add in you itinerary

Tangtse Gompa Buddhist Monastery

Tangtse Gompa is a Buddhist Monastery best monastery for tourists located between Leh and Pangong you can cover this charming monastery on the way of Pangong, this is a home of  ‘talking statue’ of Kyoba Rimpoche (Skoda Jigstan).

Chang La

Chang La is based on the route to Pangong Lake from Leh. also known as  “Northern Pass” this is The small town, The Changla Pass is also known as Changthang Plateau situated in the high Himalayas.

Spangmik Village,

Spangmik Village,is one of the modern villages in the Pangong town, is based in southern aera 8 km from  Pangong Lake. You can see amazing mountains of the Chang-Chenmo Range Monatines and snow-capped peaks

Best Time To Visit

Best time to visit Pangong,  in north India, there are two sessions one is winter & 2nd is summer & winter starts in the month of December till March. & in Ladakh the tempter gos below minus 30 degrees. & if you have the plan to visit in these months to Pangong so we suggest you to please don’t do this., Because you can’t reach Pangong in these months & also you can’t get any Camp for night stay. & summer starts from pril till August these months is the best time to visit & explore Pangong Lake & near Places

Iner Line Permanent

if you want to visit Pangong so you should get Iner Line Permanent for some Places of Ladakh, because of Pangong is the Border area of IND-CHINA so you need this permanent before you go, if you are forging so you can submit Passport & one photocopy & If are you Indian so you can submit identity Card & Photocopy

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