Srinagar Tour My Personal Experience

I Hi Hi guys We are going to Kashmir today Lot of people asked us is it safe to visit Kashmir? We booked tickets and now sitting in a plane Let’s go Mumbai to Kashmir is around 2200 KMs but through flight aerial distance is around 1700 KMs We will cover that in 2.5 – 3 hours Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru have direct flights to Srinagar Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata –

all have a connecting flight to Srinagar via Delhi 15-18 direct flights a day from Delhi to Srinagar and takes around 1.5 hours to reach Srinagar These are 8 airports have direct, nonstop flight to Srinagar airport (Music playing….) (Inflight announcement)

My Personal Experience Srinagar Tour

We are going to land at Srinagar airport Lot of people asked us is Kashmir safe? Yes. It is absolutely safe. From a tourist point of view for sure. How to reach Kashmir? The best option to reach Kashmir is flight. Best, Quickest, Fastest option. For trains, Jammu is a major railway junction to reach Kashmir After coming to Jammu, you can hire a car or by bus, you can reach Srinagar.

Jammu to Srinagar is around 270-280 KMs We should take 8-9 hours to reach Mobile connectivity in Kashmir ? Only Postpaid available for tourists. Which is the best season to visit Kashmir? Winter? or Summer? I will prefer winter, because of the ample snow Views from Gulmarg, views from Pahalgam are absolutely stunning in Winter Summer is also good tourist season In summer, Asia’s largest tulip garden blooms and opens up for tourists So, if you wish to see garden, lots of greenery, flowers,

then Summer is the best season else I will always prefer Winter Winter is the best season to visit Kashmir We have just landed at the airport Temperature outside is 0 degrees We are going towards our hotel We have booked Hotel Walisons They have 2-3 hotels around In Pahalgam alsoWalison has one property a very good hotel We are having Kashmiri Kahawa and breakfast We are now going for Srinagar

sightseeing First we will visit Pari Mahal (Fairy’s Palace) Pari Mahal was built by Shahajahan’s elder son It was used to be a Sufi residential schoolin the 17th century We all have had good fun during our school days This is also a school..Let’s go and have some fun After good fun, right now we have reached Chashmeshahi This is also a 400 year old Mughal garden Shahajahan built this garden for his elder son After roaming for a quite,we were hungry We came to Srinagar’s famous Krishna Dhaba Food and hygiene is good It’s 4 PM now andWe are at iconic Dal Lake We will sail through Shikara now

Let’s go sailing shikara During the shikara ride, we landed at Nehru park,It’s an island in Dal Lake Dal Lake is also famous for luxurious houseboats, which are kind of floating hotels Houseboats have amazing history When there was Dogra kingdom in Kashmir, The King ordered -no outsider will build a house in Kashmir When British arrived in Kashmir,

they built houseboats for their stay This is the same houseboat where Bumro Bumro song from Mission Kashmir was shot Floating shops in Dal Lake Dal Lake in itself is a floating village Floating shops, floating military camps Everything over the lake Day is about to end and We are going to an interesting and unique place This is World’s only floating post office The only floating post office in the World We wrote letters for our friends and family and speed posted,

so they deliver in time Today’s day was too good. We landed at Srinagar earlier in the day Many first time experiences, like Experience 0-degree temperature, First experience with snow was also very enjoyable

Tomorrow’s day is going to be more exciting than today because will go to Gulmarg Where we will ride one of the highest Gondola (cable car) In the World to reach 14000 feet above Imagine a land, where everywhere you can find only snow Will ski, will try to snowboard Do let us know, how was today’s Srinagar episode Do comment. Like. Subscribe. Thank you. Bye bye.