Drass (3,230 m), 60 km west of Kargil in regards to the way to Srinagar, might be a little township inside the focal point of a valley of the associated broadcast. Privately called Hembabs (“snow on fire”), it’s expertly-known on the grounds that the second coldest possessed region inside the world because of the profoundly cool winters and abusive snowfall.

Winter temperatures are known to dive to 40oCelsius underneath zero. During the four months of spring and summer, be that as it may, the valley turns genuinely pleasant on the grounds that the tenderly encompassing slopes standpoint into green fields sprinkled gone a spread of untamed blossoms.

Recently, Drass has become capably realized all on the summit of the planet on account of the broad TV inclusion it ordinary during the 3-month long court achievement at the street of Control (LoC) additionally India and Pakistan. Its well-evolved creature tourist spots thinking about Mushkoo Valley, Tiger Hill, Tolo-ling, and so on., turned into a piece of India’s liberal national epic.

Drass valley begins from the base of the Zoji-la gathering together across which the 434 km Srinagar-Leh street passes. For the chief distribution, this street follows the noteworthy exchange course, pen announce the ‘Arrangement Road’.

Best Places To Visit In Drass

Drass is a Town & also district in Ladakh its also called gateway of Leh Ladakh in Drass there are so many travel places that you can add in your tour itinerary but noted you can cover Drass only if you will book Ladakh & Srinagar tour package if you have the plan to visit only Ladakh so you cnt cover Drass

The Mushkoh Valley

The Mushkoh Valley is a famous  valley in the Ladakh region, India. Considered to be glaciated and gross for human habitation, it came into exasperation in 1999 during the Kargil battle IND & PAK
encourage on Pakistan infiltrated troops across the road of Control; the Mushkoh valley is that the limit of at the western severity of Ladakh, west of which lies the northern reaches of the Jammu & Kashmir

Drass War Memorial

Kargil War Memorial 5km from Drass is a conflict memorial built by the 2002 Indian Army in this valley every tourist want to visit this place, located in Dras Ladakh, within the foothills of the Tololing Hill. The memorial is basd virtually 6 km from the town center across the famous Tiger Hill mountain. it’s located on the Jammu & Kashmir Srinagar-Leh National Highway.The memorial is within the memory of the soldiers and officers of the Indian Army who were killed during the 1999 combat together within the middle of India and Pakistan

Manman Top

 Manman Top is 10 km away from Dras you can also cover this place if you get one stay in Kargil. Upon reaching Manman Top, you can see the whole Dras valley and even the Line Of Control (LOC).

How Can you Visit Drass

Drass is the best tourist destination in Ladakh Jammu & Kashmir, but if you will visit directly Leh or if you will come to Ladakh via Manali so its to difficult to cover this place. So there is only one option you should visit by road Srinagar to Ladakh book 9 night Kashmir & Ladakh tour so that you can cover Drass on the Day of when you will visit Kargil check our Kasmir Ladakh packages via Drass Valley

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