2021 Best also Cheap  Srinagar Holiday Packages, Srinagar has located 320 km from Jammu city in Union territory Jammu & Kashmir, based in Banks of the famous river Jehlum. and it’s famous for tourism, Srinagar City in the Summer Capital of Kashmir region. you can book Srinagar Tour Packages, & visit famous lakes’ best travel attractions also Religious places in the city. it’s famous for religious tourism and local culture. Read More

Visit Srinagar For 3 Nights

Visit Srinagar 3 nights tour

Tour Days: 3 Night 4 Days | Tour Price: 11,200 to 12,500 Rs
Places: Srinagar |Mughal Gardens| Dal Lake | Pahalgam | Gulmarg
Visit Srinagar for 3 nights package book this and cover all places and attractions near Srinagar, get a night stay in Houseboat & Cheap Hotels near Dal Lake with our best services
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Holiday In Srinagar Kashmir

Tour Packages for Srinagar

Tour Days: 4 Night 5 Days | Tour Price: 12,200 to 13,500 Rs
Places: Srinagar |Mughal Gardens| Sonmarg | Pahalgam | Gulmarg |
Make your holiday in Srinagar Kashmir with our 4 night 5 days package & cover all major tourist places in Kashmir Valley, take night stay in Srinagar & Gulmarg at cheap prices
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Kashmir Valley Trip 5 Days

Srinagar Tour

Tour Days: 4 Night 5 Days | Tour Price: 12,200 to 14,500 Rs
Places: Srinagar |Betab Valley| Sonmarg | Pahalgam | Gulmarg |
Kashmir Valley trip 5 days tour & visit best travel attractions also places get free Shikara Ride in Dal Lake, take night stay in Cheap & Poplar Houseboats Hotels in Kashmir Valley
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Srinagar Gulmarg Pahalgam Luxury Trip

Srinagar Gulmarg Pahalgam Luxury Trip

Tour Days: 4 Night 5 Days | Tour Price: 18,200 to 24,500 Rs
Places: Srinagar |Betab Valley | Dal Lake | Pahalgam | Gulmarg | Tangmarg
Srinagar Gulmarg Pahalgam Luxury Trip 5 Days book and get Stay in Luxury Hotels & Houseboats in Srinagar & Gulmarg, Company provide you best Luxury Cab with Tour Guide
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Glorious Srinagar Sonmarg Pahalgam Trip

Glorious Srinagar Sonmarg Pahalgam Trip

Tour Days: 3 Night 4 Days | Tour Price: 13,200 to 14,500 Rs
Places: Srinagar |Mughal Gardens| Sonmarg | Pahalgam |Dal Lake |
Glorious 3 Night 4 Days Tour to Srinagar local Sonmarg & Pahalgam its a short package but you will cover all the best places in Kashmir Valley, Book & get Cheap Prices for our side
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Blissful 5 Days Tour Srinagar Standard

Blissful 5 Days Tour Srinagar Standard

Tour Days: 5 Night 6 Days | Tour Price: 14,200 to 16,500 Rs
Places: Srinagar || Sonmarg |Mughal Gardens| Pahalgam | Gulmarg | Doodh Pather
Blissful 5 days tour to Kashmir Valley for family & groups in this package cover all poplar places and attractions in Kashmir, get a night stay in Srinagar & Gulmarg with the best prices
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Cheap 3 Nights Srinagar Tour

Cheap 3 Nights Srinagar Tour

Tour Days: 3 Night 4 Days | Tour Price: 11,200 to 12,500 Rs
Places: Srinagar |Mughal Gardens | Dal Lake | Pahalgam | Gulmarg |
Pickup & Drop: Srinagar Airport
Hotel Type: Standard
Book This Cheap Three nights Srinagar Tour with our company & explore the Srinagar City Mughal Gardens, Gulmarg & Pahalgam.

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Srinagar Holiday Tour 4 Nights

Srinagar Holiday Tour for 4 nights

Tour Days: 4 Night 5 Days | Tour Price: 13,500 to 14,600 Rs
Places: Srinagar |Sonmarg| Dal Lake | Pahalgam | Gulmarg |
Pickup & Drop: Srinagar Airport
Hotel Type: Standard
Explore Srinagar Holiday Tour for 4 Nights & get night Stay in Gulmarg & Houseboat In Srinagar With Us & Get The Best Deals Now

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Srinagar Local Sightseen Trip

Srinagar Local Sightseen Trip

Tour Days: 2 Night 3 Days | Tour Price: 9,000 to 10,600 Rs
Places: Srinagar |Nishat Bagh| Dal Lake | Shalimar | Gulmarg | Pari Mahal
Pickup & Drop: Srinagar Airport
Hotel Type: Standard
It’s only 2 nights  Srinagar Local Sightseen Trip for those who want to explore City with Budget Prices with Best Hotels in Srinagar City

Pay Only 20% Advance & Book This Trip

Popluar Cheap Srinagar Packages

About Srinagar Tour

Srinagar is jutted not a city or capital of the union territory Jammu & Kashmir But also a popular tourism destination, yes its famous for local city tours, culture, Kashmiri Art, Mughal Empire & Historical Places. where you can found Hindu & Muslim Shrines such as Jamia Masjid Dargha Hazrat Bal, Shankaracharya Temple & Gurudwara’s

Srinagar is located banks of river Jehlum and also there are poplar lakes like Dak Lake & Nigeen Lake, in Dal Lake, there are so many Houseboats & Hotels for travelers who want to book Srinagar Tour & explore the city. In The city, there are famous Mughal Gardens like Nishat Bagh Shalimar Bagh Pari Mahal & Chashmashahi, etc

Kashmir Srinagar is poplar for Sufism that’s why it also know as the Valley of Saints, & on our Srinagar Holiday Packages, you will explore all places and travel attractions based on in Srinagar city. also do shopping in the main city like Dalgat Lalchowk or Nishat Bahag and by best Kashmiri products like Pashimina Shawls Handicrafts dry fruits, etc

Local Tour Places in Srinagar City

In Srinagar Kashmir there are so may major travel attractions and Lakes where you can visit on the day of Srinagar Local Tour and visit the famous Mughal Gardens Famous lakes & Religious places nearby City and in this page, we have to add famous travel attraction and things to in Srinagar.

because its a city where you can visit the best Religious places Muslim or Hindu places Shinkarachriya Temple or Dragha Hazrat Bal, or Old Masjid in the city. if we talk about Shopping so you can buy the best product in Nishat Shalimar or Main Lalchowk in Srinagar.

Dal Lake

Dal means Lake its famous Lake in the city located in 3k from the main city and there are the best places nearby by Dal Lake, you can explore the beauty of Dal Lake at the nigh. because it’s based in the famous Zaberwan Mountains in Srinagar. there are so many luxury Houseboats where you can do Stay. and you can Do Shikara Ride

Nishat Garden

Nishat Garden or you can say Nishat Bagh its a famous Mughal Garden located 12 km based on the banks of Dal Lake in Nishat Garden you can explore Waterfounts and see the best amazing Gardens take a view of the whole Dal Lake also Chinar Trees

Shalimar Garden

Shalimar Garden is just 14 km from the city based on the bank’s fo Dal Lake its 2nd poplar Mughal Garden in Kashmir after Nishat bagh and you will cover this Bagh on your Srinagar local trip, in this gardens, you can view amazing Chinar Trees and water founts, also explore a beautiful view of Zabarwan Mountains

Nigeen Lake

Nigeen Lake is 2nd best lake after Dal Lake in Srinagar there are also Houseboats where you can take night stay and Shikara Boats most of the travelers prefer Nigeen Lake for Night Stay. It is also connected to the Khushal Sar and Gil Sar lakes via a channel known as Nallah Amir Khan

Pari Mahal

Pari Mahal which means palace of Fairies located south-west of Dal Lake top high rang Zuberwan mountains and its a historical garden in the City only 6 km from Dal Gate, where you can explore small gardens and also take a look at the Golf Club in Srinagar

Tulip Garden

Tulip Garden full name Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden is the Aisa Largest Garden where you can find millions of multicolor Tulips, only open ending March till April so you should Book Srinagar Package in the month of April and explore the Tulips in Kashmir. It is located on the foothills of Zabarwan Range with an overview of Dal Lake

Chashma Shahi
Chashme Shahi or also know as Chashma Shahi which means the royal spring, a famous Mughal gardens Built-in in 1632 AD by Alchi Murdhan Kahan.
the gardens are based in the Zabarwan mountain Range, near Raj Bhawan also know as (Governor‘s house) in Srinagar Kashmir.

on the first day of the Srinagar Tour, everyone explores the beautiful garden, you can cover these places on the same day as a local City trip

Dargah HazratBal Shrine
located on the left bank of poplar Dal Lake lies the most peaceful and Muslim holy place of Srinagar City Kashmir the Dargah Hazratbal. It’s 9 km from the main city & its poplar holy places for Muslim travelers,
you can also take an amazing looking at Mughal Gardens from Dargha Hazrat Bal. its build with White stones you can contact a local travel agent and ask them to add this to your tour itinerary

Shankaracharya Temple
The Shankaracharya Temple 3 km from the city, is also known as the Jyeshteshwara Temple Srinagar. It is located on top of the Shankaracharya mountain Hill on the Zabarwan Range in Srinagar city, near Dal Lake. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva. you can see the whole of Srinagar city because it’s almost 1000ft above Srinagar. you can also add these places in Srinagar Tour Packages 

Best Time To Visit Srinagar

Srinagar Kashmir is that the allover tourist destination but if we point out Srinagar Trip so visit any time in summers also in Winters and explore the local Srinagar City.

but in summers you’ll enjoy quiet in winter because if you’ll come summers like March till August there are the simplest travel attractions like Tulip Garden & Mughal Gardens that you simply will explore during this session.

if you may come in winter so you cant visit Tulip Garden bt Mughal Gardens are always open for travelers who want to Book Srinagar Tour Packages in winters.

& our company suggest you summer session you can also read the best time to go to Srinagar Kashmir & get all the main points about in order that you may make perfect Srinagar Tour Plan

How Can You Reach Srinagar

so before you will proceed to the book Srinagar Tour Packages, everyone should know that how can he reach Srinagar city.
yes because they will get the best plan after that they will book flight or train tickets, there are two ways to reach Srinagar.

By Flight or By Air to Srinagar
by air or by flight, it’s an easy way to reach Srinagar, so you should do a flight booking to Srinagar airport like if are you from Delhi Mumbai Kolkata Pune.
Book flight Delhi to Srinagar, Mumbai to Srinagar, Pune to Srinagar, after that company cab will pick up you at Srinagar airport

By Road or Train to Srinagar
for by road, it will start from Jammu, and it’s for those who want to come to Kashmir & also Vaishno Devi for darshan,
or if your budget is low so come by train to Jammu. like Book train to Delhi to Jammu, Surat to Jammu, and in Jammu company will receive you at Railway station transfer to Srinagar by road. also, check our Srinagar Tour from Jammu & get the best deals

Things To Do In Srinagar Trip Packages

Book a budget Best Srinagar Tour & come Kashmir valley because there are such a lot of things or travel activities that everybody likes to try and do with family or finds,.
yes, Kashmir valley isn’t only famous for beauty also for travel activities. so you’ll check our Srinagar packages we’ve already mention all the travel activities that you simply can do while on the Srinagar trip. but we’ve shared some poplar things that each one wishes to do

Shopping In Srinagar City
Kashmir is popular for Shopping worldwide, and in Srinagar, there are some best places where you can do Shopping like In Nishat Bagh, Dalgat, and main Lalchowk. & both the famous Kashmir products such as Kashmiri Tehran, Kashmiri Shawls, Kashmir Pashmina, Handicrafts, Dry fruits & More

Kashmiri Local Food
Kashmiri food is famous worldwide in Kashmir there are so many types of Kashmiri Foods that you should explore while on a trip to Srinagar, you can get these foods in Hotels also Restaurants.
Like Kashmir Tea, Noon Chai, Kashmiri Saffron Kahwa, Kashmir Wazwan, like Gushtab, Kawab, Methmaz, etc

Shikara Ride In Dal Lake or Nigeen Lake
Shikara which implies Boat could be a poplar boat riding that each traveler wants to do in Dal Lake or also in Nigeen lake Srinagar.
the first day once you will come to Srinagar & take night stay in Houseboat. so you’ll do in the late evening & explore the entire Dal Lake also Zabarwan Mountains together with your family & Group. and company provide you with the free Shikara Ride on our Srinagar Tours check now

Photography with Kashmiri Dress’s
Photographic you can take photos with your family or group in Dal Lake while doing Shikara Ride, in Mughal Gardens like Nighat Bagh, Shalimar Bagh & Pari Mahal. they will take photos only rs 100 per photo also you can use Kashmiri Dress to Take pictures


People Also Ask About Srinagar Tour

  1. Which are the best places for Srinagar tour?

    in Srinagar Tour you can cover best places in Kashmir and in Srinagar visit Dal Lake Nigeen lake, Shankarachriya Temple Nishat Bagh Shalimarg Bagh Chashmashahi Pari Mahal and old city, and our Srinagar packages also visit Gulmarg & Pahalgam
  2. how many days are enough to visit Srinagar?

    if you want to cover all places in Srinagar kashmir means local sightseen in Srinagar Gulmarg Sonmarg & Pahalgam so 4 night 5 days are the best tour package for Srinagar get the night stay in Srinagar Gulmarg also in Pahalgam. and you will never miss any places or travel attraction in Srinagar city
  3. What type of Tour Package You Offer for Srinagar?

    Kashmir tour mart offer you all types of Srinagar Holiday Packages such as Couple packages Family Tours & Group Packages check our thses best packages Srinagar Blissful 5 days tour Kashmir Srinagar Couple Tour weekend in Srinagar gulmarg visit srinagar for 3 nights
  4. is it good to book Srinagar tour in May?

    yes may is a on tourist sesion in Srinagar Jammu and Kashmir and in this month the srinagar city is looks most beautiful als mughal gardens and lakes in Srinagar
  5. What is Srinagar known for??

    Srinagar is a old city and captil of Jammu and Kashmir is knows for city of lakes where you can see the amazing lake Like Jehlum Dal lake Nigeen Lake, also Mughal Gardens in Srinagar, Old City Temples and Dargha Hazratball Shrin
  6. How can we reach Srinagar from Jammu?

    firts you should to come jammu by air or By fligh and in Jammu local taxi stande you can get a cab to Srinagar also we offer pickup from Jammu to Srinagar it will take almost 8 hours to reach Srinagar from Jammu
  7. How can i make Budget tour plan for Srinagar?

    if your budget is low and want to visit Srinagar there are so many ays to make budget and cheap Srinagar tour plan, firts you should to come by train to Jammu and in Jammu get local sharing cab to Srinagar it will cost almost 800 rs per person. after that find any budget hotel in Srinagar city tehy will chare you almost 1700 rs per night cost same sas get budget hotel in Gulmarg and Pahalgam. also you can go local sharing cab to anywhere in Kashmir. also check our Cheap Srinagar holiday packages for family couples and groups
  8. where i can do shopping in Srinagar?

    in Sringagar you can do shopping any where like in Main Dalgat is the main tourist hub and you can find best shoppingmart also in Shalimarg & Nishat Bagh where you can do shooipng and buy Kashmir products

People also ask

Is Srinagar safe for tourists?

Yes, Srinagar city is always safe for travelers, you can visit any time but if you have planned so before ask any local travel company is Srinagar safe for tourists.

How can I plan a trip to Srinagar?

Srinagar is not also a city, its the best tourism destination in Kashmir Valley so before you want to come you should to know that How can i plan a trip to Srinagar

Which month is best for Srinagar?

Srinagar is a forever travel destination, you can come any time Srinagar in summers also in winters, but if you want to know which month is best for Srinagar

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