Ladakh is too high-cost travel destination as comper other travel destinations in India, you know the region, the region is not hotel prices i will explain to you why Ladakh is too high as comper to other places, and guide you to how can you plan Budget Trip for Ladakh.
if you want to go to Kashmir or Manali so you can book Kashmir and the hotel price will be the same as if Ladakh hotel provides you 200 rs per night also Kashmir hotel will provide you the same rate. but if you book cab services in Kashmir so you need to pay only 2200 rs or 2500 rs per day but in Ladakh, if you want to Nubra Valley or Pangong Lake and want to Book Cab so you should to pay almost 6000 rs per day. this is the real fact about Ladakh Packages now I will guide you how can you plan a budget trip to Ladakh

Plan Budget Trip for Ladakh By Road Or By Air

Now you have the plan to come to Ladakh first if you want to come by air so you can book a local sharing cab in taxi stand in the market the price will be 2000 rs for Nubra and for Pangong you can ask any local travel agency same time they will help you to provide sharing cab so you can pay 2500 rs and if you talk about the local you can book a cab for the day only 2000 rs in the market

Ladakh by road travel

now if you want to come by road so you can book a shared cab in Srinagar taxi stand for Leh you can pay only 2500 rs per person but if you want to book private or company cab they will give you almost 17000 rs for the only drop to Leh
and you want to come from Manali you can do the same method pay 2500 rs in Manali taxi stand and explore the Ladakh, its short guide to plan a budget trip for Ladakh

Ladakh Budget FAQ

How much it will take cost cab for Nubra Valley?
you should come to Leh and in Leh, there are two options for you first is book local Sharing cab for Nubra It will take almost 1500 rs per person cost. and company cab it will take 6000rs for Nubra Valley
Can we get budget Hotels in Leh city?
yes in Leh City there are so many Budget hotels you can find budget hotel in the main city like Fort road and changspa Road ladakh
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