Book with us a Gulmarg Tour for 4 Days & visit the best hill station in Kashmir offering a leading tour and travel company Kashmirtourmart. In these 4 days, Gulmarg tour Packages get two nights in Gulmarg & one night in Houseboat Srinagar.
Kashmir is the best tourism destination and if we talk about the Hill stations Gulmarg is the No. 1 for Snow travel destinations but you can come also to the Summers and enjoy all types of Travel activities also tourist attractions in this Hill station. we are the local persons who guide you on how to book a Gulmarg Tour for 4 Days and get the best deals on Gulmarg family Tours, Gulmarg Honeymoon Packages also Gulmarg Group Packages with us

Gulmarg Tour for 4 Days

Gulmarg Tour for 4 Days Plan

Embark on a mesmerizing 4-day tour of Gulmarg, a paradise nestled in the Himalayas. Our carefully curated itinerary ensures an unforgettable experience, blending adventure and tranquility. Explore the breathtaking landscapes, with each day offering a new facet of Gulmarg’s beauty.

It’s a 3-night  4-day tour plan for Gulmarg the company will pick you up at Srinagar airport transfer you to a Houseboat in Srinagar explore the local Gardens also take a Night stay in the Houseboat. after that visit Gulmarg for 2 nights & explore the all best places like Tangmarg Kahlinmarg Drung Valley other travel attractions in Gulmarg.
in this Gulmarg Tour for 4 Days get a whole tour cab and also a Free Shikara ride in Dal Lake. Kashmirtourmart sugets you Luxury also Budget Hotels everywhere in Gulmarg so that you will enjoy your Gulmarg trip. if you want to come from Jammu, you can add two more days to This tour.

Gulmarg Tour for 4 Days Itinerary

  • Day 1 _ Arrive at Srinagar & Local
    Day one company diver will pick up you at Srinagar airport and transfer you to Houseboat Dal Lake its on 11 km from the Airport. after that take some time to rest and explore local Gardens like Nishat Bagh Shalimar Bagh Pari Mahalgam etc. Take a free Shikara Ride in Dal Lake Overnight stay in Houseboat Dal Lake
  • Day 2 – Srinagar to Gulmarg 65 km
    Day 2 After completing your breakfast you will Visit Gulmarg its only 65 km from Srinagar takes almost 2 hours to reach. on the way explore Tangmarg and do Shopping in Tangmarg. after reaching Gulmarg take a rest and visit the local Market in Gulmarg Overnight stay in the Hotel
  • Day 3 – Gulmarg Local Trip
    this day you will explore the whole Gulmarg Valley such as Drung Valley Khilanmarg also nearby attractions do the best travel activities like Gondola Cable car ride etc. Take night stay in Gulmarg Hotel
  • Day 4 – Drop at Srinagar airport
    On the last day diver will take you to the Airport from Gulmarg and drop you at Srinagar airport your tour ends here. if you want to add more days also change the itinerary so you can

Gulmarg Tour Inclusions

  • Hotels in Gulmarg Srinagar 
    get the best & Budget Hotels for 2 nights in Gulmarg One night in Srinagar
  • Dinner & Breakfast
    also in Hotels, you will get Dinner & Breakfast
  • Cab for the whole tour
    Company Provide you cab for whole tour 3 days
  • Pickup & Drop
    also, Get free Pickup & Drop
  • Toll Taxes & Parking Charges
    also get all types of Toll Taxes and Parking Charges
  • Free Shikara Ride
    the company offer you a free Shikara Ride in Dal Lake

Gulmarg Tour for 4 Days Exclusions

  • Travel Activities
    yes all types of travel activities are not included in this trip
  • Luch
    Lunch is also not included in these tour packages
  • Air Tickets or Train Tickets
    Its only Land packages you should to by air ticket or train tickets Owen

Q: What makes Gulmarg an ideal destination for a 4-day tour?

A: Gulmarg’s unique blend of scenic beauty and adventure opportunities makes it perfect for a 4-day getaway. From mesmerizing landscapes to thrilling activities, each day promises a distinct experience.

Q: What outdoor activities are included in the itinerary?

A: The tour offers a range of outdoor activities, including skiing in winter and trekking in summer. Our itinerary ensures that adventure enthusiasts have ample opportunities to explore Gulmarg’s natural wonders.

Q: Is there time for relaxation during the 4-day tour?

A: Absolutely. Day 3 is dedicated to relaxation, with a visit to our world-class spa and a chance to savor the rich Kashmiri cuisine at our top-notch restaurants. It provides a perfect balance between adventure and rejuvenation.

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