Srinagar Tour My Personal Experience

I Hi Hi guys We are going to Kashmir today Lot of people asked us is it safe to visit Kashmir? We booked tickets and now sitting in a plane Let's go Mumbai to Kashmir is around 2200 KMs but through flight aerial distance is around 1700 KMs We will cover that in 2.5 - [...]
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jammu and kashmir to open for tourists from July 14

The Jammu and Kashmir government has decided to open the union territory for tourism in a phased manner starting July 14 and has issued a set of guidelines for the same. The first phase will see tourists arriving by air only. “In the view of the COVID related measures, it is felt imperative to put […]

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kashmir is safe for Tourists 2020

During the normalcy, we would do brisk business as many tourists used to come and enjoy this place peacefully. We should be let to live with peace like before. We don’t want violence and our only concern is peace. Our concern is neither Pakistan, India or China. We only want to earn our livelihood. Our […]

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Best Time To Visit Jammu And Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir is also yearly round travel destination, but if you want to know the best time visit Jammu and Kashmir, then you can choose best months of April till November are considered as the best time to visit Kashmir. the month of April and November in this period the Kashmir weather conditions in […]

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Bollywood in Kashmir

Best Stories of Jammu And Kashmir on Celluloid in the 1960s To 2018 “Kashmir in Bollywood and Bollywood in Kashmir”. right, Bollywood love romance and natural beauty of Jammu and Kashmir had synonymous in 1961s and 2018. Jammu Kashmir, is the northern part Himalayan beguile state of India, is not only just for a tourist […]

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Tulip Garden In Kashmir

Most Information You Should To Know About Tulip Garden In  Srinagar Kashmir Tulip Garden Is Also Know As Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden is One Of the largest Tulip Garden in All Asia. The Tulip garden was opened in 2007. This tulip garden is  a undoubtedly to first  and major landscaping project in kashmir undertaken since […]

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